Friday, April 22, 2011

Shabbat, then Pesach, Shabbat again

I loved my first Shabbat in Jerusalem. It really is so beautiful to see the streets empty, people walking, and to hear singing and praying coming from every neighborhood.  I also finally felt a warm welcome from our friends the Greybers who invited us over to their home for Seudah Shlishit, or the third meal, basically Saturday dinner.  We were there from 4:30 pm until after Havdallah.  Jen Greyber, especially, has helped me so much by sharing her knowledge and experiences with me.  She even invited me to the supermarket with her and she helped me with different names of things and such.  It was really amazing.  It helps so much to have such a nice person so willing to go out of her way to help me.  It really made a huge difference.
Our Pesach was also wonderful.  Rabbi Gail Diamond from the Conservative Yeshiva connected us with Charlie and Alexis and their three children who hosted us.  Also in attendence were friends of theirs, Jodi and Yaakov and their two kids.  We had a wonderful child-friendly, but still lengthy, seder with delicious food and wonderful people who made us feel very welcome.
The next night we were invited to dinner at the home Tali and Yaron Lipshitz. Yaron's parents, Linda and Stanley, were also there.  They have a three year old son Yonatan who just ADORES Micah.  It's so cute.  And they have a younger son Daniel who is also adorable.  The dinner was amazing; Stanley is in the food/restaurant business and did a lot of the cooking, AND Yaron actuallhy told us his secret to creating the fluffiest matzah balls I've ever had.  :-)  Plus, Tali and Yaron offered us the use of their clothes washer and dryer, any time, for our whole four month stay!  What amazing generosity!! We are so lucky!  So, yesterday, we went there for several hours and washed and dried two loads of laundry.  And then today, we ran into Linda right on our main drag, Emek Refaim Street.  So fun to see people we "know" that we've met here!  :-)
The smell in the apartment is almost all better.  The boys room still smells a little but we continue to work on it with wood cleaners, diffusers, Glade air fresheners, dryer sheets, auto air fresheners, and baking soda.  My mom is going to send us some Febreeze which we cannot seem to find here.
I'm not enjoying how much cleaning we need to do. It is very dusty and dry here so the good news is that things air dry quickly. The bad news is I've been constantly wiping, sweeping, etc.
Now it is still Pesach and Shabbat is tonight.  We are lucky to be having guests, the Kafin family: Alicia, Peter, Toby, and Ben.  But I need to prepare by doing a bit more cleaning and getting started on the cooking.
Chag Sameach and Shabbat Shalom!

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