Thursday, March 24, 2011

Photo Diary of Sydney

A Familiar Fish at Sydney Aquarium

A real live shark at Sydney Aquarium

One special sign

One of the wallabies that I petted at Featherdale Wildlife Park

One of the schoolwork projects the boys completed; history at Cockatoo Island

A sleepy koala

Close up to a kookaburra

Just like it says

Lots and lots and lots and lots of prawns

Protein for vegetarians - Micah chooses banana, Jonah chooses raspberry, Mark chooses coffee, and I choose chocolate, of course!

Boys with Abby, Jonah's newest penpal

Old friends picking up like we never left

Harbour Bridge

My favourite Aussie treat

The mini golf course that could use some attention

Just driving around town, looking at Sydney

Another yummy treat I like - chocolate covered honeycomb, Crunchie shown, I also love Violet Crumble

Great view of the Opera House from a ferry boat

Interesting view of the opera house

Our friend Cyndi

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