Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wi-Fi Everywhere, Weather Everywhere

So here are some highlights so far from our first three days in Sydney:

1. I've never felt more connected.  There was free Wi-Fi at the airport, on the trains and in the train station, on the ferries, on the bus, and of course in this house where we are staying with friends, Caroline Haski and her daughter Dani Haski, in Rose Bay.  Really.  It's quite ridiculous.

2.  Gorgeous weather, except for last night and this morning's rain storm.

3. Seeing the sights: Manly Beach, Sydney Tower, Sydney Aquarium, Manly Oceanworld, Opera House and Harbor Bridge, Cockatoo Island (great history lesson)

4. Yummy food: candy bars, vanilla slice, caramel slice, Max Brenner's Chocolates, fresh squeezed juices and thickshakes, Dory fillet fish and chips, pumpkin soup, homemade muesli, and so much more.

And Micah and Jonah aren't even fighting that much.  :-)

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